Jun 06, 2018 · TOPPS is a company founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1938. It is associated with baseball trade cards (and also other sport cards). However, it started in the gum industry not much later, in 1947, with the brand “BAZOOKA” to compete with Fleer’s “Dubble bubble”.

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The gum was packaged in a red, white, and blue color scheme. Beginning in 1953, Topps changed the packaging to include small comic strips with the gum, featuring the character « Bazooka Joe. Products

Gum / Bubblegum (295 total) Although chewing gum has been around since the nineteenth century, bubble gum continues to grow as a popular treat between meals, on road trips, traveling by airplane, or as an everyday guilty pleasure. According to the National Confectioner’s Association, Americans chew about half a billion pounds of gum each year!

Named after the funny brass-wind musical instrument with the crazy sounds, Bazooka Gum is a classic chewing delight from the Brooklyn, New York-based Topps Company.

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Sep 30, 2015 · Soft Rambling, Up Close Chewing, Snapping & Blowing Sounds, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Gulping Coffee too